It helps you to understand the flow of the system and gives a rough idea of how the system would function. The wireframe helps in the precise estimation of the development timeline. It also helps the designers get a gist of the system flow and aid them in creating flawless and accurate designs. The following image will show you an example of a wireframe.

In the AI process, it will start with the writing features and sketches which emphasizes where we need to display and how it should flow. You have the idea, analyzed the competitors, and get to know about your audience. Apart from the demographic elements, we need to consider mobile platforms on which we want to develop and smartphones software and hardware configurations. A single, connected workspace to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, document, manage tasks, and connect to data visually.

In fact, with the help of our mobile app developers, we have successfully launched over 4400 mobile apps to date. Wireframing is one of the crucial mobile app development steps. To design a wireframe, it is essential to understand the project requirements thoroughly. Every app started with an idea, but successful apps were created by putting ideas into action. Developers look at problems consumers face and figure out how to solve them.

Mobile App Development process

Once you have an exhaustive list, then start to think on how you can resolve them and shortlist the ones that make most sense. If you have the right How much does it cost to mаke an app reasons, follow these 10 recommendations to getting your product to the public. Contact Us Form with a basic idea of their app, we schedule a call.

* Share Prototype & Design Specification With The Developer:

We need to think about all the pros and cons while choosing for the better development of mob market apps. Make a list of user goals based on that developer able to code by keeping them as reference. After dropping the elements, we need to stick to the style guide up to date. If you are planning to make any changes, don’t afraid to do. In the business model, you need to describe the revenue generating methods like sponsorships, ad revenue, in-app purchases, traditional paid ads, and freemium memberships. Let me ask something before we start with how to make a mobile app.

So, you see the whole process of mobile app development. Here we, AppTrait Solutions, Best Mobile app development Company gives your dream idea into reality. If you still have a question or any doubt to build mobile app feel free to contact us. By referring to the following section you will learn about the most important questions and answers about the mobile app development process.

The more you test your app, the better it performs in real time. There are multiple tests, an app needs to surpass before actually being deployed in the play store. In the industry of mobile app development, the number speaks for itself and these numbers are massive. No wonder why startup geeks are actively trying their hands in the sector of mobile app development. Past few years have witnessed enormous growth in app startups worldwide.

  • We aim to bridge the gap between companies and customers by delivering high performance mobile apps and softwares.
  • The required things are prioritized according to the development and requirement.
  • So bookmark this article if you want to know how to make a successful app.
  • We have more than 100 iOS & Android devices to check, locate, and fix issues that arise due to UI.
  • So there you have it, everything you need to know about creating, launching and optimizing your first business app.
  • The performance of the app will depend on the hosting itself.

Since each app is different, thus our methodologies evolve according to the requirement. These development steps have further processes that typically include idea, strategy, mobile app design process, development, deployment, and post-launch phases. Once the communication method is understood, the question of how much time will it take to design an app.

#2 Design:

At AppTailors, we are passionate about growing and building applications, through the use of beautiful design and functional technology. If you are looking to work with a team delivering high quality web and mobile applications, get in touch with us today at to discuss your project. After fully discussing, understanding and knowing the processes, comes the real development phase where the team begins implementing styles and functionality of the application. The designer creates the actual screens used in your mobile app.

Time to market is an extremely important consideration. An idea that is tremendously great but will take a year to develop is a massive undertaking and could turn out to be more expensive than profitable. Millennials and Gen Z are a highly tech-savvy generation. They use smartphones for the maximum of their daily activities, including business. Having a mobile presence is a clear way to demarcate yourself from the competition and appeal to these tech savvy consumers. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith.

Mobile App Development process

They could also include ads or sell user data to turn a profit. The key to determining how to set pricing is to research what other similar apps on the market are charging and checking reviews to see if customers are happy with those prices. After you build an app, now is the time to test the same in real time.


We seamlessly integrate continuous development, testing and deployment to release quality solutions quickly. We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey. Seamlessly integrate branding, functionality, usability and accessibility into your product. We enhance user interaction and deliver experiences that are meaningful and delightful. Define your product strategy, prioritize features and visualize the end results with our strategic Discovery workshops. Validate assumptions with real users and find answers to most pressing concerns with Design Sprint.

You need to have a plan for your app’s discovery and promotion. The best app in the world is of no use unless people know about it. Anyone developing for iOS must be proficient in Swift and Objective C. Similarly, Android developers must be adept with Java and preferably Kotlin too. In an age of diminishing brand loyalty, making your customers stay loyal to you takes tremendous effort. An app can help you achieve this by creating a direct channel between you and each of your customers, facilitating personalized services and improved customer service.

If you are not, then this article will help you in getting knowledge about mobile apps and its creation. If you are a tech person or using the smartphone, you will be aware of mobile apps. Now that you know who your target audience is and what problems they have, it’s time to figure out how to use your app to solve those problems. You should release regular updates to make sure your app remains fresh and relevant. This also ensures that app stores display it in search results higher up.

From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development. The app development progress and the complete walk-through of the developed app screens will be shared via project management tools like Trello and Basecamp. Our Business Analyst team analyzes your app concept to make a wireframe of required features using Balsamiq and AdobeXD wireframe design tools. Our sales representative team provides a 30-minute free consultation.

* Develop Rendered Design:

We can launch our app more effectively with the help of wire frames. With the help of wire frame, we can get some idea of the look and feel of your app. In this process, we prepare some flowcharts and user journey, which used for creating the wire-frames.

Each part is developed individually at first and then integrated to give better options. Marketing your app can be done using various strategies. This will all enable your product to become more visible online and generate a higher number of downloads.

They generally do their user demographics study in terms of which geographical area the users belong to, what is their age group, how they use their mobile devices, etc. Starting from ideation and actual development to app launch and maintenance. The more robust your backend is, the more powerful your app would be. The backend should be designed and developed in a way that supports scalability and easy management of the app even after it’s launched.

‘what A Shame’: A Generation Mourns As Apple Announces It Will Discontinue Beloved Device

During the mobile app planning process, the goals you set will help you decide which features to add and how you should develop and design your mobile app. Now comes the part where the design is brought to life with high quality code that offers flawless performance, great speed and complete functionality. If you wish to own the source code of your app, find out if your app development company will hand over the rights. Not owning the code means that every time you need a change made, you need to go back to the original developer. Here, we guide you on the process to develop mobile apps in a manner that Generates Greater Revenue.

Growing A Business

At this stage, designers replace the wireframe designs with elements from the style guide. The designs are still flexible at this stage so they can easily be changed if the designer wants to go for a different look. Although it’s acceptable to take this route, it’s advisable to take the time to determine when is the right time to start charging for the app. Skipping this step often leads to a loss of profits, especially for startups.

Application flow-related queries get resolved in the very initial phase. Again you will get confused about what you need to consider while monitoring your simple app. We are listing out some of the best practices of the mobile app deployment. In this stage, we need to prepare the test cases for each test we conduct. We need to submit the report to the developer to improve the functionalities if we get any negative output. The reason to opting the hybrid apps are quick to deploy ability, portability, user-friendly budget, and write once use anywhere.

* Hybrid App:

If any new issue/bug arrives then, it can be immediately fixed. Once when you submit your app to the Apple App Store, the iOS app goes through a review process that takes a few days to several weeks. It depends on the quality of your app and how closely it follows iOS development guidelines. Apart from this, make sure the mobile app testing is done properly.

How many users you attract to your app depends on how you promote it. Most apps will have some sort of data they have to capture and use. A great way to visually break it down is to use anEntity Relationship Diagram. This will allow you to identify the key things you want to capture and how they are related to each other.

Up to now, we defined the strategy and design for the mobile app. Both the front & back end are essential to developing a mobile app. In this, we need to drop all the elements form the style guide on wireframes. After creating your business model, you need to focus on building MVP. Before you develop an app, you need to know the audience if you want your app to be successful. The Key elements you should need to target the audience gender, age, education, location, and many more based on the app.

According to Statista research, the estimated revenue generated by mobile apps would rise to $188.9 billion by the end of 2020. Another survey suggests that the total number of mobile app downloads would cross the mark of 258.2bn by 2022. Our clients generally come to us with the idea of the kind of app they want to get developed, the users, who the app will be competing with, etc. With the base study already done, the project gets a kickstart.

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